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《Silver Beach Scenic Hundred Days Remediation Topics》Remove part of the temporary operating point building that affect the image 
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   At November 19 morning,the second stage of the action of hundred days remediation of Silver Beach scenic,start to organize the scenic coastal part of the damage to the image of the scenic spot of temporary buildings and facilities for renovation, demolition, and improve their image.

   This remediation action,guiding by the NO.1 leader of the company,department staffs coordinate the action,all work together,do the ideological work to the owner to make sure the smooth development of the remediation action,and do a good start for remediation work of the operating point.

   This destruction to the temporary bussiness points that affect the landscape,hundred days remediation work of scenic advance further.Next step,the scenic will focus on remediation appearance style and unified advertising signs of the operating points,the implementation of front three bags,spcification of daily management,to upgrade the image of the scenic.


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