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《Silver Beach Scenic Hundred Days Remediation Topics》Environmental remediation of peripheral roads in scenic 
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     Since the action of hundred days remediation to carry out so far, Various departments of Silver Beach Scenic unite and cooperate, department staffs groups according to the responsibility,every team is led by Company team members, From 2 times a week to improve the cleanliness of the beach every day to clear, and vigorously rectify the operating order , Scenic environment has seen results and the long-term management mechanism has set up.                          

   At November 15 afternoon, In accordance with the remediation work arrangements, every department staff start from inside to outside, The remediation work of the scenic area extends to the periphery, Focusing on remediation from the Guangdong Road and Fourth Road junction to the scenic area on the 12th functional island, A total length of about 2 km of scenic periphery roads. All the staff fight after an afternoon, garbage debris in the road green belt, broken banner suspension, small ads on the lampposts have been cleaned up, Inside and outside the scenic environment is clean and orderly.

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