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To improve the tourism quality supervision ability to promote the comprehensive development of scenic spots 
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In order to improve the tourism service quality levels, improve the tourism quality supervision personnel handling tourist complaints and disputes ability, promote thehealthy and overall development of Beihai scenic area, the Silver Beach scenic areatourism quality supervision personnel sent to participate in the organization by the Municipal Tourism Bureau of Beihai city tourism enterprise quality supervision staff training. It is reported that the training began in November 4th, for a period of 3 days,the main content of the training: "tourism law" interpretation, and the use of information, travel news body internal standard management, complaint mediation work of common problems, psychological analysis, the tourist complaints of tourismsecurity management and so on 6 contents.

Silver Beach scenic spot, the company attaches great importance to the scenic areatourist satisfaction, complaint mediation room joint district police station, industry and commerce are responsible for the admissibility of the complaints, tourism disputesmediation and consumer protection service. The scenic area complaints mediation room staff participated in the autonomous regions and the city of quality supervisionorganization of tourism training, familiar with the "tourism law" and relevant laws and regulations, to achieve a fair and reasonable in the work, the law. Since this year, hassuccessfully handled 81 complaints from tourists, all complaints were resolved by the scene mediation, fair, fair and reasonable, to win the party's satisfaction, won thepraise and praise tourists.

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