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The Silver Beach in Beihai held the party's mass line education practice further to seek the views of the meeting 
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According to the city, the mass line to do "on Further Strengthening the work forSoliciting Opinions find real" four wind "outstanding issues notice" spirit, to further a serious search for the group and the company leadership and the members in the "four winds" and "six diseases" and "six disease" problems, Beihai Silver Beach scenic area company held on the afternoon of May 8th to seek further consensus conference, the meeting chaired by the Beihai Silver Beach Scenic Area Management Limited vice secretary of the Party branch of company Liu Jingzhu, deputy middleabove personnel and departments office personnel to participate in the.

The meeting to learn to convey the Central Party's mass line education practice leading group in May 6th held a video conference spirit, to convey Guangxi District Commission for Discipline Inspection on a typical violation. Conference on group and the Silver Beach company team and members in the "four wind" "six diseases" and "six disease" problems and to carry out the work of the collection of views, participantsspoke enthusiastically, in all aspects of the company must at the same time, put forward many pertinent comments and suggestions, warm atmosphere.

Beihai Silver Beach Scenic Area Management Limited general Party branch secretary and general manager Su Zhixian listened carefully to the views of everyone after the work requirements, we should carry out the mass line in Party's education practice,combined with their own work, down-to-earth, grab get right on the job really, the wind is not good rectification work, and do solid work, and strive to build more beautifulSilver Beach.

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