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Warmly welcome the masses of tourists visit the Silver Beach in Beihai, Silver Beach welcome you!

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The Silver Beach of Beihai  
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"Five one" holiday, Beihai Silver Beach scenic area to help visitors locate the lost lostloved ones 53.

Because of holiday visitors increased, infatuated with the beautiful scenery in Silver Beach tourists while neglect side relatives and children, leading to lost. Closely with the Silver Beach scenic spot, the company various departments, joint duty policemen,through radio, walkie talkie communication tools such as Internet information search,branch, for a total of tourists to locate the lost separated relatives 53, among them 29 children.

Silver Beach scenic area management limited appeal to tourists friends: play must take good care of the elderly and children, to tell them to remember and familycontact, please timely contact the scenic area management personnel or the public security departments, the lost situation happy travel, safe travel.




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